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#TwitterPonies: Twitter Ponies Save The Day Again

Posted: May 2, 2011 21:50:57 • By Meadow Whisper (Natasha L.) • 938 words

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A bit of a recap: I'm a huge fan of the Twitter Ponies. If you're not familiar with them, they're basically a group of RPers who do an exceptional job playing the day-to-day adventures of the cast of My Little Pony. Such an exceptional job, in fact, that even knowing full-well that they're just regular people behind the characters (and even knowing a few of them outside their characters), interacting with them feels like I'm really interacting with the MLP characters. Which is just awesome, on so many levels.

That magical interaction leads to some special moments, too, which I've posted about before. The special moment I posted about in that linked entry? It happened again, on a larger scale :-)

As I mentioned in my last post, I was in the ER at the local hospital again recently, and I was there for a considerable about of time, almost 14 hours total. My phone died within the first 2 hours of waiting, so I was left completely disconnected from Twitter, and unable to tell anyone how I was doing.

When I came home, and caught up on all the Twitter posts I'd missed, I was treated to a wonderful surprise. In addition to all the sweet messages from all my friends, my dear friend Syme did something else, he informed Twilight Sparkle on Twitter that I was in the hospital. What happened next was both overwhelming and touching beyond words. Not only did Twilight send a get-well message, but a ton of the other pony characters did too! The outpouring of support made me cry happy tears for quite some time, and to read through them still makes me tear up. It was very special receiving in-character well-wishings from the entire cast of a show that's very dear to my heart, but beyond that, a fairly large group of people who barely know me took time out of their RP project to tell me to get well soon. As cheesey as it sounds, friendship really is magic :-)

Here are the messages they sent, in the order I received them.

  • Syme Lion - @mlp_twilight I'm sorry to bother you while you're working, but a dear friend and big fan of yours, @lupinia, is ill in hospital tonight.
  • Twilight Sparkle - .@lupinia Feel better soon!! *hugs up* I hope this twitterbird reaches you in the hospital. @mlp_Nursepony, do your best!
  • Rainbow Dash - .@lupinia You better feel better soon! I'll have some awesome pictures of stunts for you when you get out!
  • Spike Dragon - Okay! Okay. Wait. One sec. I'm ready. NO WAIT! Okay, I'm ready now. GET WELL SOON, @lupinia! Was that good? I'm gonna name a dish after her.
  • Big McIntosh - Hope ya feel better soon, @lupinia.
  • Twilight Sparkle - *giggles* That was great, @mlp_Spike. I'm sure @lupinia will be very happy. ^^
  • Cloud Kicker - Oh no!! @lupinia's not feeling well? I know what'll help her! Aunti Cloud (did I just call myself that? o.O) can make a get well cloud!!
  • Photo Finish - I, Photo Finish, demand zat @lupinia get better soon. Now! We go! *zoom*
  • Fluttershy - Oh my goodness, @lupinia's not feeling well? Well, we'll just see about that, won't we @mlp_Angel? *gets out bandages*
  • Princess Celestia - By royal proclamation, I, Celestia of Equestria, require @lupinia to get well soon. I hereby affix my hoof. *stamps the enormous wax seal*
  • Brigadier Jodhpur - Ahem, @lupinia, it's come to my attention you're feeling poorly. Well, stiff upper lip and all that. Carry on.
  • Hoity Toity - Really, @lupinia must get better soon. This "friends of Hoity Toity" discount is going unused. Not to mention this new dress for her.
  • Quill Pen (Ponyville News) - *BREAKING* Swift Succor Sought for Suffering @lupinia!
  • Knight Guardian - *Elite regiment of Her Majesty's Household Guards snap to attention in parade formation* @lupinia, get well soon! *fanfare*
  • Denise Unicorn - *Denise slips into bed..* Zzzzzz... *Oh and.. get well too from me on this side of the ponyverse too @lupinia!*
  • Pinkie Pie - zzzzzz......@lupinia.....feel better.....soon...zzzzzz
  • Trixie - you better get well soon @lupinia! you can't be Great and Powerful when your sick!
  • Winona - Winona sneaks into the hospital & lays beside @lupinia until she gets better again. *nuzzles & wags*
  • Princess Luna - @lupinia it is late but you know how the nightshiftponies are ;) get well soon and enjoy the nights even more then!

As if all that wasn't enough, Cheerilee (the teacher) gave her students an "assignment" to draw me a Get Well card, and several of them actually did it! So cute! :-D

There were more than this, mostly out-of-character messages, and they kept cheering me on all the way through Friday's surgery. I simply can't find words to express how moved I am by all this. These ponies really are special, in so many ways, and I'm rather honoured that they took the time to give me so much love when I was sick.

Thank you, ponies :-)